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Founded over 05 years ago, Agence India Press (AIP) is today north India’s leading multimedia news wire agency with over 05 bureaus in India, and 20 contributors in South Asia and across the globe.
The founders of Agence India Press set up the news agency based on the vision Agence India press (A.I.P) would be a news agency which would upgrade the quality and standard of news in India, by achieving the standards of a world’s best news agency. This was sought to be achieved by offering reliable and high standard of service, whilst simultaneously ensuring profitability and providing its employees with an environment for excellence and growth.
Our photo and video services are synonymous with best results confirming to stringent quality standards of international level.
Agence India Press is also working on assignments to do which definitely are helping us to target more and more clients or subscribers, and also chance to cover maximum filed of news, feature and story.
The agency covers day core issues in pictures, text and videos. We have access to an extensive pool of exclusive footages and information, and archive library, and a team renowned and award-wining correspondents and photographers with specialize in various beats of journalism.
At Agence India press, we know that clear communication is simple human need. So, we keep things simple and easy to understand bills, to simple tariff packages. Our service aims at helping the people with their everyday requirements.
Agence India Press is also deal with book publishing, book distribution, export of books, music band and event management.
Agence India Press takes revolutionary steps as the first Kashmir based international news network, in English, Arabic, Urdu, French, Dutch and Hindi.
Our global New Delhi-based headquarter is staffed with outstanding Kashmiri and foreign media professionals.
Our aim is to provide well reported, unbiased in-depth news features from Jammu and Kashmir and rest part of India. In the last years India has been reported a lot but, yet so many aspects in the region have remained under cover. And our aim is to report from pin to plane. Our objective is to look beyond the headlines and uncover the stories buried under daily events of violence. Every day we bring special in-depth stories, which we hope to sell among various news publishers and broadcasters around the world. Publishers and broadcasters can also contact us for stories they want to work on, or their assignments, subject to terms and conditions. We also have a team of researchers to provide you background material for your news stories or research.
When it comes to covering India especially Kashmir region, AIP goes across the globe to bring news of and from India, wherever it takes place. The result is a complete service, multi-faceted in the depth of its coverage, and extensive in its reach.
Our range of products encompass loosely edited news feeds and customized programmes for television channels, audio bytes for radio stations, live web casting and streamed multimedia / text content for websites and mobile carriers, and news wire services for newspapers, magazines and websites.

We cover almost all areas of interest to viewers including news, entertainment and lifestyles, business, sports, human-interest features and social and developmental issues.

Today’s digital era is seeing AIP fast emerging as a ‘Complete Content House’ providing text, video and picture content for TV, print, mobile and online media, all under one roof.
http://www.agenceindiapress.com is a product of AGENE INDIA PRESS PVT. LTD. and is produced AIP news by a team of seasoned journalists, led by Sheikh Imran Bashir, Editor-in-Chief.
For more information on any AIP Service: email: imran@aiptv.co.in, or call us at our New Delhi News Desk: 00 91-9999650116.
Agence India Press always welcomes your suggestions and views to improve our services. We would also be glad to receive your feedbacks on feedback@aiptv.co.in



4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I used to visit your website aiptv.co.in looks like it does not exist now why ?

    Posted by Sanjay Kaul | June 29, 2010, 9:15 am


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