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2 lakh devotees’ participate in Milad procession from Harwan to Nishat

Bureau Report

Agence India Press


Srinagar: Inspite of rain around two lakh devotees from all over the valley particularly from Harwan to Brain participated in the Milad procession organised by Minhaj-ul-Islam and associate Ahle-Atiqad organizations.


The Chief Patron of Minhaj-ul-Islam, Moulana Allama Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Naqeeb, Chief Advisor, Minhaj-ul-Islam and chairman Kashmir society, Khawaja Renzushah, Sajada Nasheen Darbari-Baghdadia Darbagh, Harwan Alama Peer Fida Hussain Shoerwardi, Moulana Mohammad Ramzan, Moulana Abdul Rehman Naqishbandi, Peer Mohammad Dilawar Sajada Nasheen Darbari Kashania Shalimar and other distinguished scholars, intellectuals, chairmen and heads of various Ahle-Atiqad organisation participated in the historical procession which was spread over 4 kilometers. It was one of the largely attended procession in which unprecedented number of devotees participated. Amidst spiritual atmosphere all along the procession the devotees were chanting Darood-Azkar paying high tributes to Sarwari Kainat, Rasool-i-Akram (PBUH) the entire area from Darbagh Theed, Harwan Chandpora, Aharbal, Shalimar, Ishber, Nishat Brane were decorated with banners and Eid Milad oriented flags.


While addressing the mammoth gathering of devotees at the Shalimar Chowk, Maulana Naqeeb Sahib expressed his deep gratitude to participants for showing such a great respect to this occasion with their full participation. He said Minhaj-ul-Islam is committed for serving the pious cause to project the great deeds of our great prophet (SAW) Sufis and Aulia-i-Kiram. Maulana complimented people of the valley especially of entire population of local area include men, women, old, young and children for joining the procession. He said that Minhaj-ul-Islam is working throughout the world for the pious cause.


The chief Advisor of Minhaj-ul-Islam, Khawaja Renzushah said that the valley of Kashmir is the special gift of Allah and Hazrat Bulbulshah (RA) and Hazrat Shahi Hamdan (RA) spread the message of love in this valley through their high spiritual and intellectual character of love. The king of the valley who became Hazrat Sadurudin (RA) on the hands of Hazrat Bulbulshah and lakhs of people who followed Hazrat Shahi Hamdan are the great historical examples of intellectualistic character of people of Kashmir who are embodiment of love and brotherhood. He said that the literature of Hazrat Peer Dastgeer Gousul Azm (RA), Sheikh ul Alam (RA), Hazrat Sheikh Maqdhoom Hamza (RA) and other Sufi Aulia Kirams is being read throughout the world and people are getting magnetised because of their strong message of brotherhood and love. (AIP News)


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