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Kashmir: Stunt maniac generation performs dance of death on streets

Is’haq Bhat

Agence India Press


Srinagar: Motorcycle stunt riding, it is a motorcycle sport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. But it requires appropriate training, professionalism and stunt equipped bikes.


Even though, it not a tradition nevertheless it has become a custom in the valley, after passing the tenth exams every youngster wants a bike in his home. Does not matter if his parents can afford but he still keeps harassing, apparently his friends have got one after the student loans that every bank is giving easily.

An eye witness told Agence India Press, “In usually busy Parray Pora locality, the hub of the tuition centers of the Valley. Everyday dozens of bikers make horrifying stunts on the road and escape without coming into the sight of the Police.”


“These youngsters are overstuffed with a new trend of doing stunts, to make them feel cool and impress the girls. Around tuition centers or the boulevard fore-shore road, you would see tyre marks left by them.

Equipped with heavy bikes they have racing competitions and stunt shows,” eye witness added.


Amar Zargar, a resident of Paray Pora, Srinagar, said, “These bikers have clubs and post videos on YouTube wearing no stunt safety gear.


The veterans of these stunt gangs have met with so many accidents, so many injuries but they have become habitual of it, so call it ‘passion’.


Last year a bike stunner of Nowgam, Srinagar, were killed while practicing a stunt, one of his friends Mushtaq Ahmad Wani told Agence India Press.


Whereas, Professional Stunt makers modify their motorcycles to better adapt them to the sport, with Stunting equipment like Frame sliders ,Crash cages, front Upper Stay, 12 o’clock bar ,Sub-cages, Round bar etc.  These equipments protect the rider and the fairing from damage, incase if the rider lay down the bike.


While talking to a stunt performers he said, “I am passionate about bike riding and can perform common maneuvers stunt riding include wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts on my Pulsar 220-CC.”

However, when he was asked about stunt safety equipments, he smiles and scratches his head, even though, he have not got license because he is underage teenager.


When SSP Traffic Police Srinagar, Haseeb-ur-Rehman, was asked about this matter he told this correspondent, “I will look into the matter and a stern action will be taken against stunt bikers.


“We are going to start an awareness campaign soon against these bikers though their Parents should also assure before providing bikes to their children that they are above 18,legally eligible able to drive and wearing crush helmet,” Rehman added.



“In Kashmir it’s very easy to get a driver’s license. Even an underage teenager can get one. You just have to pay few thousand rupees to the agent and you will get the license in few weeks. The driving test is to go forward and reverse.” Zargar said.


A bus driver, Bilal Ahmad  Bhat told Agence India Press that last week  he witnessed a terrifying  bike stunt show at Paray Pora chowk even being in the driving profession from last 12 years, his mouth remained open while watching a group of four bikers making stunts.


A stern action should be taken to stop this dance of death and making fun and being funny about dangers that we face on the roads. Not the Traffic Awareness campaigns that our Police do, but raising awareness from our home and minimizing the danger on our roads. (AIP News)


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