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Kashmiris think differently towards ‘Aazadi’

Mudassir Kuloo
Agence India Press

Srinagar: In Kashmir there are people of different mindset, each gives its own perception about ‘Aazadi’ and rejecting the others. While Agence India Press made a study on the people’s perception about freedom (Aazadi) and revived a research conducted by a well known sociologist, Prof. Bashir Ahmad Dabla.

During the study, it was revealed that there were different views about the Aazadi, some wants nothing less than the Right to self Determination, while others wants to stay with the Indian State, some were demanding withdrawn of security forces.

The research conducted by a well known sociologist, Prof. Bashir Ahmad Dabla, says that the local people in Kashmir feels that the Aazadi movement started in Kashmir in 1931 and the present political-cum militant movement in Kashmir is in continuation of that movement.

‘It was generally felt that the Kashmir problem was created by the partition of the Indian sub-continent in 1947 when India and Pakistan were created as two separate independent countries. At that time, the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which was ruled by the Maharaja Hari Singh, could not accede to either India or Pakistan voluntarily,’ it says.

According to Dabla’s research, Political-Militant leaders believed that Kashmir is a ‘disputed territory’ between India, Pakistan and Kashmiri people, and the ultimate solution must be sought in the international context with the approval of Kashmiri people. “The ultimate solution of this problem is giving the people of Jammu and Kashmir the right to self determination, through which they will decide their future i.e., accede to India, Pakistan or complete independence.”

During the Dabla’s research, it was felt that the ‘Aazadi movement’ in Kashmir was not a fundamentalist in character in its initial stage. However, it developed this character partly later. ‘Major organizations view the Kashmir problem primarily as a political one and not a religious one.’

“India didn’t fulfill the promise of holding plebiscite in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It adopted the position that Kashmir is and will remain an integral part of India, which according to Kashmiris is not correct,” reveals study by Dabla.

Mohammad Subhan, who runs a grocery shop in this South Kashmir, Anantnag District believes that, ‘A commoner has nothing to do as to who runs the state. What he wants is bread, clothes and shelter. He simply wants a regular cash inflow, good education for his children, genuine work in order to sustain, his family’s safety, security and prosperity. This wants an Aazadi means to me.”

While the views of Subhan were contested by a College Student, Muhammad Momin, told Agence India Press that, “Aazadi means to get the freedom from the Indian state. Kashmiris have rendered thousands of lives and will be ready for that in the future till gets freedom from the oppression of Indian nation.”

His views were endorsed by a house wife, Halima of down town, who believes that the root cause of all the problems in the state is the ‘Indian occupation’ over the state.”Unless Kashmiris will not be given the right to self determination, the real peace is not ever going to prevail at all.”

However a footpath vendor opines that Right to self determination would not give the real Aazadi to Kashmiris. Lateef Malik, a vendor said, “A real Aazadi means changing ourselves first. How many leaders do we have here in Kashmir who strives to impart the education, true morals, real ethics, correct knowledge of the Book (the Holy Quran) and the Sunnah. How many leaders have dedicated their lives for cause of Kashmir problem?”

Mushtaq Ahmad, a local trader believes that withdrawn of security forces would give the real freedom to the Kashmiris.”We feels scare to venture out of homes after the sun sets in. If forces are withdrawn from the Valley, it will give us the feeling of freedom and will bring normalcy in the state.”

“We must get spiritual Aazadi first before the physical freedom,” says a local teacher, Ghulam Muhammad a resident of Badgam, “We don’t know how long will it take for the Kashmir dispute to solve. We don’t know when we are going to get the freedom from the Indian occupation. But we can attain the spiritual one, by true and sincere in our approach, honest with our work.”

However, all the people including separatists and mainstream leaders felt that the mass migration of the Kashmiri Pandits to outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir represent as one of most tragic- dimensions of the situation in the last 20 years.

While the Valley’s main stream parties that including National Conference and Peoples Democratic too gives their perception for the solution of Kashmir problem. For National Conference, Jammu and Kashmir should be given Autonomy while P.D.P calls for the Self rule. While various political parties suggest that the solution for the Kashmir problem should be within the ambit of Indian constitution.
However, the Hurriyat fractions are demanding for right to self determination to the Kashmiris. (AIP News)

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