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Mehbooba takes on Govt

‘Situation in state once again becoming grim’

Bureau report
Agence India Press
August 9, 2011

Srinagar: PDP President Mehbooba Mufti said that situation in the state is once again becoming grim. She said the over all picture of the state is of obvious depression. But our worry is about its impressions that are inevitably imprinted on young minds.
She asked that is sports promotion through police the answer to the mounting crisis created by Omar Abdullah government as a result of the reversal of the policy of openness its predecessor govt had adopted with satisfactory level of success. She added, Omar Abdullah government is clearly leading the state back to pre 2002 era with consequences for all of us to face.

Mehbooba Mufti was addressing a press conference here during which she highlighted issues related situation. She said that in bid to create a surface calm and give impression of normalcy the state government seems to have waged a war against all sections of society. This attempt at creating a make believe world generates obvious distortions both at perception and governance level but one thing is undeniable that this government has converted J&K into a police state. Judicial decisions are violated, public opinion is muzzled and governance and development are enjoying a holiday, she added.

She said that she condemn in strongest words the opening of new frontiers by state police in order to gain quick promotions, medals and money. Ashok Kumar the disabled boy has become the newest symbol of state terror victims and our heart goes out to his family. He is another victim of the license granted to police in the name of ‘peaceful summer’. Adding that though the fake encounter at Surankote does not come as a surprise to any one it does come as a shock for its sheer detail which press has reported in detail. It raises some disturbing questions. Would it pass as a genuine encounter if the community at Surankote had not refused to bury the dead body? From whom did the arms and ammunition come that were reported as having been seized from the dead ‘terrorist’? Does this not open all encounters to suspicion? How is it that the state police is the only agency reporting almost a permanent contingent of ‘terrorists about to infiltrate’, often contradicting army on this?. Meanwhile in reference to the Sopore custodial killing she said sopore custodial killing resulted in delayed action against two constables only after the protests had spread throughout the valley towns. This is obviously a cosmetic exercise as constables usually are not used to interrogate suspects. Were they the ones interrogating Naazim Rashid? Were they the only ones in the camp where the victim was tortured to death? Government is clearly shielding the culprits on a day when Supreme Court recommended hanging of such criminals, she questioned.
Takimh over on government she said that this government earlier also showed open disrespect to the spirit of the highest court in the country when it publicly declared that its judgment on SPOs was not applicable to J&K. “Can the Supreme Court view on such important issues be dismissed on mere technicalities? The Court order could have helped the state government in convincing union government for bringing the SPOs into some disciplined form but NC is historically comfortable with such institutions that have no accountability. Surankote is only illustrative of the terror caused by government gunmen in almost every area of the state in their revived activity after a respite,” she said.

Slaming police she said, “ While it is obvious that the ‘calm summer campaign’ has become a thriving business for police and ruling party goons, the government has virtually outsourced governance to police. And in doing so is continuing to target various classes. Youth are again being arrested wantonly and numerous of them are on the run.” Adding that during last year’s unrest created by killings on the street business community, transporters and students were the worst hit. The society at large responded to this crisis of survival and gave peace a big chance. Not only could we have a good tourist season but an overwhelming turn out at panchayat polls could help create a better atmosphere of peace and security. Why is the opposite happening? Two reasons in my opinion. First, arrogance and a resolve to survive by police and their unchecked methods alone. Second, inefficiency and misgovernance.

Supporting the traders she said that the traders have raised genuine issues which the government has dismissed with its characteristic arrogance, not even meeting them for discussion. They too alongwith employees are being dealt with through police alone. Why cant the government wait for a while to let traders shift to computers gradually while its own multi crore e governance program is nowhere near taking off. Heavens would not fall. Similarly other tax issues could be sorted out in a give and take spirit but the government seems to have decided to live by penny wise pound foolish way using most of the funds for the maintenance of its bigwigs. She maintained, “We strongly condemn the use of force against peaceful traders yesterday. The government has routinely been using force against its own employees and complaining of non cooperation. On the other side she also talks about Contractual lecturers are on strike for more than a month and now observing fast for ten days. Not even an official has visited them. Students are again the sufferers in the process while the fasting young men and women are left actually to die.

There can’t be more callous response from government and we condemn this arrogance, (AIP)


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