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Through gestures, few misspelled written words

Deaf & dumb tailoring trio earn livelihood for past over 2 decades

Abrar Ahmad
Agence India Press

Srinagar: Where there is will, there is a way. No matter, even if numerous odds are in way to success, Strong will and sheer hard work enable a person achieve any feat in life.
This aptly describes the successful story of three deaf and dumb tailors stitching clothes at Magarmal Bagh here in the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir.
S Paramjeet Singh, Aijaz Ahmad Bhat and Rabindar Singh are running a tailoring shop here for past over two decades.
Even though the trio is deaf and dumb but for their customers, they (the trio) communicate through gestures and at times few written words with ease. The communication with customers’ fulfills the much needed purpose of getting the business going smoothly.

The tailors stitch clothes to the best satisfaction of their customers and this is what has earned them a good clientele over past years. Due to untoward circumstances’ S Paramjeet Singh, who is head tailor of his team migrated from Beerwah to Chanapora around 22 years before. In early, 1990’s Paramjeet set up a tailoring shop at Magarmal bagh in Batamaloo area.

Aijaz Ahmad Bhat 37 of Pupu Batamaloo is the second head tailor after Paramjeet at a sign-board less shop. Unable to talk and hear the trios have developed good understanding among each other and more importantly of their customers’ most of times through gestures.
“They have been running tailoring shop for past over two decades and stitch almost all clothes of gents according to the choice of customers. To my knowledge, no customer has retuned unsatisfied from this shop. They stitch pents, shirts, kameez, shilwar, coat, pheran and other clothes. They however do not stitch the ladies clothes,”
Bashir Ahmad, who runs a provisional store near the tailoring shop, told Agence India Press.
Interestingly, the trios make the customers’ understand their point of view through gestures and of course satisfy them more so through their stitching skills. If a customer fails to understand them, which rarely happens, they (tailors) make him understand by jotting down their point of view on paper.
Permanent customers who have been visiting the shop for stitching clothes however communicate with more ease. When this reporter tried to communicate with them and know from head tailor, where he lived, S Paramjeet wrote on paper (in English) “I am actual resident of Beerwah and after facing enormous problems due to untoward circumstances, I shifted to Chanapora some 22 years before,”

To another question, Paramjeet said, “We faced problems with customers initially but after just few months, we communicated to customers through gestures and few written words with ease. The customer satisfaction has earned us a good business. We are happy and want to see our customers happy all times,”

Paramjeet is father of two children. His daughter is studying in 10th and the son in 12th class. While Paramjeet was communicating with this reporter, a customer entered the shop. He (the customer) asked for pheran while making a gesture. The head tailor master, raised two fingers, asking for Rs 200 as charges for stitching the pheran.

The customer paid Rs 200 and went back. The head tailor master started to learn tailoring at the age of 16. Due to poverty, he could not continue his education after Matric. During the ongoing winter season, stitching of traditional cloak Pheran is in great demand at the shop.

Rabindar Singh, 22 who is stitching clothes for past four years, is planning to get married in next two years. Unlike Paramjeet, Ranbir does not know much of writing but can write often few misspelled words. To a question, Rabinder jotted down on paper, ‘Pheran mure damand’ trying to convey that currently stitching of Pheran was in great demand.

Aijaz Ahmad 37 is married but has no issues as yet. The trio shares a very good relationship with each other. “Aijaz is Muslim but we often share tea and other eatables in one container. At times, I take the leftover tea by Aijaz and he (Aijaz) also does take leftover by me,” Parmajeet communicated with smile writ large on his face. (AIP)

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