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Kashmir witnesses the rise of its first rap singer

Says “revolutionaries don’t fear execution”
Nazir Ganaie

Srinagar: Real name, Roushan Illahi, born in the era of “massacres and armed struggle,” this is how MC Kash Introduces himself.

Illahi is a young man belonging to the era of hip-hop and rap. He is the first Kashmiri rapper and in last few months his Hip-hop songs have earned him a name in the Valley’s new generation of music lovers.

Born in 1990 in Srinagar’s Dalgate neighbourhood, MC Kash belongs to a generation of Kashmiri youth who spent their childhood under the rattle of gunfire and an evolving political discourse.

The evolution of a political discourse and the happenings of last two decades in which people saw friends and relatives dying, had an impact on Illahi and had an influence on what he will write and sing.

MC Kash, writes and sings his own songs. He is influenced by the revolutions and revolutionaries around the world and think of himself as a revolutionary who has chosen a different way to revolt.

“From an early age I was interested in writing but I was not into fantasy. I loved to write about reality,” MC Kash told Agence India Press.

Politics and revolution are very close to him.
“Politics is one thing which can make nations rise or fall. So when I speak may be it influences someone. And I always speak truth because it is what influences people,” he said.

MC Kash in his short career which began last year at the age of 19 has sung four songs. Moment of Truth (2009) was his first breakthrough in the world of hip-hop and rap, unknown in this part of the planet. In 2010, he recorded three songs which include Feel It, I Protest (Remembrance) and Beneath the Sky. MC Kash, as he is known among his fans which mostly include Kashmiri diaspora, I Protest (Remembrance) is a major hit.

The song was released in September when Kashmir was in the midst of its third consecutive summer of revolt. I protest (Remembrance) includes the names of 65 dead civilians and protestors, who had fallen till date when MC Kash wrote the lyrics of the song.

“When you are a Kashmiri and you can write, you will obviously write about Kashmir.
The 65 martyrs were my inspiration for the song. Whenever someone listens to the song, they are surprised and say how many they are,” he said.

Kash says he was saddened the day when he completed the I Protest song as four more boys were dead.

“I was sad that I could not include their names,” he said.

MC Kash says the lyrics he writes are not against anyone but is his love for his people. “My lyrics are about my love for my people,” he said.

After singing I protest (Remembrance), MC Kash says he was under pressure to stop writing about Kashmir.

“I was a bit afraid, but then I thought to myself that revolutionaries do not fear execution. My next song is also about Kashmir,” he said.

His few songs about the Kashmir situation are the main attraction on the social networking sites. Various face bookers have uploaded and shared the links.

“Every day I listen to these revolutionary but emotional numbers of MC Kash. Conflict in Kashmir has given birth to the various talents and every Kashmiri have a different ways of protesting the Indian atrocities in Kashmir,” wishing anonymity a senior Journalist working for Indian Media said.

MC Kash has created an official page on facebook to share his work. He writes on the page, “I swear to speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.” More than 1, 500 people have liked the page.

About the work of Kash, a Kashmir University scholar pleading anonymity said.
He said he has already uploaded his songs and it has received a huge response from the facebookers across the globe.

Facebookers who listen Kash’s work and follow his page are all in praise for him. He has earned a huge fan club. Some of fans on his official page write.

“I have protest against the mother who lost her son:::i love this song. It really pumps my blood out of my veins,” writes Azhar Naik on his page.

“Great work brother. I daily listen to it and it keeps my spirit elevated,” writes Mir Tanveer

Ano Roy, who is from Kolkata writes
“What you are doing is amazing. Keep expressing your thoughts, because every human on this planet has the right to do so. The truths will not abandonee you. Keep fighting for it and justice will be served.”

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