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Spot Story: Kashmiri Sikhs accuse government of carrying Chattisinghpora replica

Organized machinery working against us: APSCCK
Nazir Ganaie

Hutmura Anantnag: Accusing government of Jammu and Kashmir for carrying another Chatinsingpora like massacre, the minority Sikhs of Hutmura of south Kashmir’s district Antannag in Indian Kashmir on Saturday demanded immediate impartial inquiry of intimidating the Sikhs by army personnel.

Locals told Agence India Press that uniformed personnel, travelling in a civilian vehicle, last night knocked on the doors of residents of predominantly Sikh-inhabited Hutmura village, 65 kilometers summer capital Srinagar, in Anantnag district, raising concerns among the minority community. Coinciding with President Barack Obama’s visit to India, two incidents of uniformed gunmen descending on Sikh hamlets have taken place in the Kashmir Valley, sending jitters among some members of the community.

Sikh community leaders maintained that initially the men of the village fled to the fields but later raised an alarm to attract the attention of Muslim neighbors. The civilians then took on the army personnel, forcing them to flee the spot.

However, they managed to get hold of the driver of their vehicle bearing number JKO3A- 3077, which was later handed over to police.

“Some of the army men barged in our village in a civil vehicle. They knocked our doors, threatened us, they were abusing and crying come out. In chatinsighpora they came with the intention of celebrating Holi and massacred 35 Sikhs. Now with the same intention they had come to celebrate Diwali to kill us,” sobs a local student Rome Singh.

“We are living in culture of grief. Nobody gives a damn to our problems. If such incidents will continue will quit we are being forced to leave our motherland. Government is targeting this minority for their own interests. Army later threatened us and abused us we will take revenge of this,” he told to Agence India Press.

The Sikhs are apprehensive, fearing a repeat of massacre of 35 Sikhs at Chattisinghpora village in March 2000, when then US President Bill Clinton was on a visit to India.

“Whenever somebody from America visits India, these incidents start taking place with minority group sonly to malign the majority Muslims and dub them and the struggle movement as terrorist sponsored. We are apprehensive about our safety and security now,” Said Diljeet Singh, a resident of Srinagar.

“We are thankful to Geelani sahib who had cautioned us about such incidents. We are with the cause of Kashmir’s. But we are not feeling safe here now.” He added.

In a posture of grief and fear, Jagdish Kour a local of Hutmulla, whose house was the first target narrates that it was very horrible movement for her as she along with her little kids was waiting for her male members to have dinner together.

“They bashed the doors, shouting come out. There was no one in my family only my little daughters. My daughters start crying bitterly and I got fainted. The Diwali celeberatiins turned into mayhem,” Jagdish Kour said.
Thousands of Sikhs from different areas of the valley raised questions on the Omar Abdullah led coalition government. The minority group of Sikhs who had gathered to show solidarity with each other said that the government has failed to secure the minorities in Kashmir.
“The threats projection against Sikhs has been boiling up since a long time now.nobody from the government seems worried about this, nobody bothers about it. The minority Sikhs have become the soft target in the valley,” said Jagmohan Sigh Raina, Chairman All Parties Sikh coordination committee Kashmir (APSCCK).
“There is some organized machinery working against the minority group of Sikhs in Kashmir. Central and state government is busy with their own interests,” he added.
On Army’s role in threatening the Sikhs he said
“If the army was patrolling, why did they bashed the doors of the locals, why did they threatened them. Ealier in Baramuullah Sikhs were threaned and interestingly with the same modus- operandi, Hutmulla incident happened. We have already made our mind. We are not going to”

Meanwhile a police spokesman said there was a “misunderstanding” created by a patrol of security forces in Hutmura village which was later sorted out by the intervention of senior civil administration and police officials.

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