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Geelani makes 17-point appeal to Indian leadership

Bureau Report

Srinagar: Today after the meeting with all-party delegation, chairman of Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani make an appeal to the conscience of people of India by his statement issued here which was mailed to Agence India Press.

In the statement, Geelani has made seventeen points makes 17-points appeal to Indian leadership.

Text of the Appeal

The  recent  statement  of  Home minister of India, that time has come to fulfill the promises made by  Indian leadership  to people of Jammu Kashmir is welcome ,in this regard we may like to remind  the  Indian leadership and the people of  India  that:

India   annexed   the territory of Jammu Kashmir by Landing its troops on the soil of Jammu Kashmir on 27th October, 1947 by force and deceit.

India raised the issue in United Nations Organisation (UNO) and the Security Council. The august   bodies after thorough debates and discussions passed more than I8 resolutions on the issue.

That  the United  Nations  Security  Council  through its Resolutions  dated 21st April ,1948;      13th  August ,1948 and 5th January, 1949 while  declaring Jammu & Kashmir  as disputed  territory have called upon the parties to ascertain the will of  the  people of  the state through  a referendum  whether  to accede  with  India  or Pakistan.

That  Late Pandit  Jawahir Lal Nehru ,Prime Minister of India, wrote to Prime  Minister of Pakistan  on  November 21st , 1947, that,” Kashmiris  should decide question of accession by plebiscite  or referendum under the international auspices such as  those of United Nations.”

Government of India through its letter dated December 31st ,1947,assured the United  Nations Organisation  That ,”  The people of Kashmir would be free to decide their future by the   recognised  democratic method of plebiscite or referendum , which in order to ensure complete impartiality  may be held under international auspices.”

The Indian representative in United Nations  Late Gopala  Sawamay  Ayyanger  reassured  the Security  Council on February 3rd ,1948,that ” As the Security Council ,is aware, the Government of India is fully committed to the view that, after peace is restored  and all people belonging to the state have returned there ,a free plebiscite should be taken and the people should decide  whether they wish to remain with India, go to Pakistan.

Again ,Late Pandit Jawahir Lal Nehru  Prime Minister of India While giving a statement  in Indian  Parliament on February,12th ,1951 has said that,” We had given our pledge to the people of Kashmir and subsequently to United Nations , we stood by it and we stand by it today, let the people  of Kashmir  decide.”

The Indian commitments continued,  Late Nehru   again reassured the people of  Kashmir and the world community on May 16th,1954, that” India will stand by her international  commitments   and will implement them at appropriate time.”

People of Jammu Kashmir are waiting for implementations of these resolutions and commitments but ironically India put hurdles in the implementation of these resolutions on the one or other pretext and back tracked from the promises and pledges it has given to the people of Jammu & Kashmir and International Community.

India through her armed forces, have committed serious war crimes against the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Their crimes against the people of Jammu Kashmir have now reached genocidal propositions presenting the worst example of State -Sponsored-Terrorism.

The population of the disputed state of Jammu Kashmir for the past 63 years and especially for the last two decades has been suffering hell under the Disturbed Area Act, Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Public Safety Act. There has never been a day when several deaths have not been reported. There has been no letup in the reign of terror let loose by the Indian forces against the people. These forces have killed more than one lakh young and old unarmed civilians of Jammu Kashmir in indiscriminate firing. These  forces are responsible  for disappearance of Twelve  thousand people, extra –judicial execution of Ten thousand people, Rape and molestation of thousands of Women{ young and old } between the age group of 10 to 70 years, and Destruction of  property Worth Billions of Rupees.

Indiscriminate killings, arbitrary and random arrests, much too frequent siege and search operations, selective raids on private residences, offices, educational  Institutions, nightly swoops, brutal tortures, extra-judicial killings,  frequent way side frisking, loot, plunder, arson, rape-all these and other inhuman atrocities continue to cause untold misery and extreme sufferings to the helpless and hapless  people of Jammu Kashmir. Besides, all other basic and fundamental rights have either been curbed or are being denied by the occupation forces, we are not being allowed to perform religious activities like attending or delivering Friday or Eid sermons or to perform the fundamental religious obligation to perform Haj. Right to travel has been completely suspended. Today the whole of Jammu Kashmir is in deep pain and anguish and has lost its magic and mystique.

The Indian forces during the last  three months  have  brutally killed more than one hundred innocent  youth of  Jammu Kashmir, while injuring more than three thousand of them, the only fault of them was that they were peacefully protesting  to remind  Government of India to  fulfill their Promises and commitments made to people of Jammu  Kashmir about  holding a referendum to determine their future.

That  India’s  policy for  Jammu & Kashmir  has been ,to gain time, divide and rule, ignite  secretarian clashes, encouragement of stooges and  brutalization  of  people by suppression  and  oppression , but all these cheap tactics have proved failure, the  Indian  brutality  has failed  to break the will of the people ,Indi an forces can  kill, torture or maim us, but  they  cannot  kill the our dream of  Aazadi.

We are not blood hounds; we sincerely believe that the resolution of the dispute of Jammu Kashmir lies in implementation of United Nations Resolutions dated 13th August 1948 and 5th January 1949.

We  also believe in meaningful, sincere and  time bound  dialogue at tripartite Level  and in this regard we demand That  India should  abdure  its intransigence , accept Jammu Kashmir as international dispute, start the process of complete troops withdrawal  ,revoke all draconian laws, release all political prisoners and young boys And formation of a Judicial Tribunal to probe past and present  cases of killings.

We pray to Almighty  Allah  that   good sense may  prevail upon all of  you so that you people realize  the huge human as well as monetary losses  incurred  by India  to keep Jammu  Kashmir under its forcible occupation and immediately start resolution of the dispute  in fulfillment of your commitments and  according to the wishes and aspiration of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

For and on behalf people of Jammu & Kashmir,

Syed Ali Geelani




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One thought on “Geelani makes 17-point appeal to Indian leadership

  1. This is what an Ordinary Kashmiri Want.

    Diverting from this basic issue and instead offering Job Packages, economic packages, and other things won’t help.

    India needs to go beyond its conventional theories and address the basic issue, peace will come automatically.

    Kashmiris are suffering most but at the same time India is also not gaining anything from not addressing this basic issue.

    Kashmir unrest is damaging India’s position and resources both at national and International Level. After all it is the Common Man of India who is loosing his Tax money.

    I am afraid if India does not address the basic issue and start a meaningful dialog with all stakeholders an instead try to contain the Kashmir agitation with brute force, new phase of militancy may erupt and this time more damaging. God Forbid, Kashmir may become Khandar and India Afganistan. Lets prey that all the stakeholders understand the reality that Kashmir needs to be solved in the larger interest of Indian Nation and Humanity.

    Posted by Hanief | September 20, 2010, 5:55 pm

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